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Ethical Conduct
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Equal Opportunities.
Discrimination is Strictly Prohibited on the basis of age,colour,disability,ethnicity,marital or family status,national origin,race,religion,sex,sexual orientation.These principles apply:
  • when recruiting,hiring and training,
  • promotions,pay and benefits,
  • redundancies.

Harassment Free Workplace:

The following behaviour is Strictly Prohibited:

  • Unwelcome conduct-whether verbal,physical,or visual-that is based on a person's status,including,race,colour,religion,sex,age,national origin,disability,sexual orientation.
  • Abusive language,physical aggression,deliberately causing injury to another,or any disorderly conduct or malicious disturbance .
  • Sexual harassment. This includes unwelcome sexual advances,requests for sexual favours,as well as other physical,verbal or visual conduct based on sex when submission to the conduct is a condition of employment or the conduct  creates a hostile,offensive or intimidating workplace.

Sexual harassment is conduct based upon sex,whether directed towards a person of the same or opposite sex.

Substance Abuse:

Alcohol or drug abuse poses a serious threat to the safety,health and productivity of our company,employees and customers:

Our Zero Tolerance policy:

  • prohibits the use or possession of alcohol,illegal drugs and other controlled substances in the workplace.(possession of prescription medication for medical treatment is permitted)
  • Being under the influence of alcohol,illegal drugs or any other controlled substance in the workplace.


Health and Safety

The provision of a safe place of work is a requirement of an employer,to achieve this goal we must adhere strictly to Health and Safety rules and regulations including:

  • Zero Tolerance to the possession of any weapon or other dangerous device by Space Temperature Solutions Ltd. employees on the companies or customers premises,
  • Zero tolerance to any harmful threats,direct or indirect or any behaviour that harasses,disrupts or interferes with another employees work or creates an intimidating or hostile work place,
  • Rigourously applying established safety procedures,following safety practices and avoiding short cuts.

Business Relationships

It is important that all relationships with suppliers,customers and other parties be based upon lawful,efficient and fair business practices.Reasonable business entertainment that is in the best interests of the company is allowed.Such entertainment must always be conducted in an appropriate and lawful manner.

E-Mail and the Internet

The company acknowledges that the need will arise that employees require access to the internet via company or customer equipment for  personal use this is allowed provided use is:

  • Limited in duration or extent,
  • does not affect completion of work responsibilities,
  • does not result in any cost to the company or customer,
  • does not contain pornographic or offensive material,discriminatory or harassing language or derogatory references to age,colour,disability,ethnicity,marital or family status,national origin,race,sex,sexual orientation.

  • Tel: +44(0)1224 316633
  • Fax: +44(0)1224 316633
  • Mob: +44(0)7916 146347


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